Embracing The Mess,  Emotional Healing


As we near Halloween night and prepare to put on our costumes and masks, I am wondering about the masks we wear throughout our lives to hide our truest selves. What does yours look like? What does it feel like? Have you forgotten what you actually look like underneath the facade or do you remove it regularly and take a good long look at who you really are?

We take on external identities and learn from a young age who we are supposed to be and, more importantly, who we are not supposed to be. We are taught what is acceptable and what is forbidden. We are taught what to keep hidden and bury parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of. We learn how to play it safe.

We define ourselves by things that really don’t matter but we think are essential parts of our being — We went to x school, we are blonde or brunettes, we are tall or short, rich or poor. We define ourselves by the groups we are or are not a part of and our jobs become a marker of our success or lack thereof. We talk about celebrities and gossip about friends because talking about our real struggles, pain, and joy is too messy.

What would it look like to live a life without a mask constantly hiding your true radiant beauty?

What are you so afraid of? It’s Spooky Season, is it not?

Time to face those inner demons and kick them out.

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