Embracing The Mess

Meet In The Middle

Imagine you go to a ballpark to watch a baseball game and sit down in the stands with your hotdog, eager for the game to begin. You know all the stats about both teams and are excited to watch how the game will unfold. Then, as the umpire yells, “play ball!” you sit up straighter in your seat, excited to see who is first up to bat…

But, to your surprise, nobody comes onto the field. Instead, you see the two teams huddled in their respective corners, yelling across the field at each other, arguing over the rules of the game and who is right or wrong, not willing to play the game until the other side admits their fault…

Welcome to our reality.

We live in a world mired in shame and pointed fingers, so divided that we don’t even dare play the game. Everyone is on edge, protecting their own ego, pride, and position. At any moment, you are either in or out, right or wrong, black or white. You must pick a team to play on. There is no opting out. But, the second you do choose a side, all conversations with the other team cease. You are yanked to your corner and fed their narratives and stories, not able to hear anything coming from the other side of the field. You are told that they have nothing good to offer you, and it is all a ruse…

How tragic.

What if we shed our either-or labels? What if we could choose a team without having to forsake the other? What if we could make playing the game fun again? What if we could learn strategies and perspectives from each other? What if we chose to leave our corner and walk to the middle of the field? What if, rather than expecting everyone to pick a side and retreat, we open ourselves to truly listening and growing together?

How radical.

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