Your Attic

We all have parts of ourselves we keep hidden and are afraid to show others. We all have hurts, pains, and fears that we keep locked away because it is easier to store the pain than risk the raw emotions and feelings that are stirred within us; we don’t dare open Pandora’s box. We all have parts of ourselves that we have been told are not good enough and should be hidden from the world, tucked away into the shadows. We all have those tender parts of our being that we protect and shut away.

While we each know these wounds intimately for ourselves, we often forget that the people around us are struggling with their own internal demons too. And sometimes, we don’t even recognize our own sufferings because they have been so long buried and tucked away in the corners of our being.

Today, I challenge you to sit quietly with yourself and feel around in your being. What rises up for you? What do you feel? Is there a part of your physical body that tightens or clenches up?

Let yourself sit in the discomfort and ache. Let yourself breathe a little fresh air into these dank spaces.

Today, all I ask of you is to recognize where these hidden spaces exist within you and remember that we all have them.

Recognizing your hidden spaces is the first step to bringing them into the light, healing, and bringing freedom.

Listen to this song below and let the words and melody wrap around you. You are not alone in your suffering. Do not be ashamed of who you are, what your past holds, or the things you have tucked away. There are hidden treasures within you that are waiting to be unlocked.


“My attic is full of pages, full of crazy
Cluttered spaces that you could not cross
My attic is full of bones and full of hopeless young emotions that just won’t grow up

I keep hiding the keys in all these places even I can’t find hopin’ one day you’ll find them all and I will let you see inside my attic, Inside this olive skin are paper-thin Illusions that I’m tougher than I am and I’m guarded,
castle walls from all the falls and break up calls and ‘never should’ve beens’
But don’t go pushin’ too hard. I’m not so easy to manipulate
I will give you all of my secrets If you promise you can brave my attic.

And I swear, not tryna be vindictive. I’m just terrified that you might see me different. you’ll change your mind, tell me that I’m crazy. Tell me that I’m okay, tell me that you’ll stay

‘Cause my attic is silver plans and one night stands that numbers can’t begin to calculate
My attic is up the stairs and waiting there on lonely nights, they keep me wide awake

I keep hiding the keys in all these places even I can’t find hopin’ one day you’ll find them all ’cause I wanna let you see inside my attic

My attic, my attic, my attic
My attic, my attic”

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