Emotional Healing

What I’ve Learned About Leaning Into Radiance

Being authentic is scary. Standing in our radiance is scary because when the light shines, everything is laid bare. Everything is illuminated, and we are raw and beautiful.   

We live in a world afraid of the light. We live in a world of deflection and deception, comfortable in shadows and hidden spaces. We are told that we must project a particular image to keep everybody safe and happy. Then, when we shine too brightly and illuminate parts of our reality that have long been hidden or avoided, the people around us flinch, making us think our light is something to dim, tuck away, and keep hidden. But the light is not the problem; the light is essential; the light illuminates and casts away shadows. There is nothing left to fear because fear exists in those dark spaces. There is nothing more to be ashamed of because shame cannot live without dark corners and murky shadows. There is nothing left to doubt because all is seen clearly, and the path forward is revealed. Pain can come and go, moving through us, rather than getting lost, bumping into fear and shame, and staying stuck in our bodies, hurting us further. We are free to feel and let goWe can see things as they are and continue onward in the face of the dark rather than getting consumed and filled by it. 

I am not saying this journey is easy or without struggle, but I am saying that this journey is one of healing and freedom. 

No matter what you have been through or what the people around you say, you get to choose what goes on within you.  

I am inviting you into your own radiance.

I am not saying the pain and the dark will disappear – believe me, there will still be a lot of pain and darkness around you, but the pain and dark do not have to take up residence inside you. 

I am inviting you into your own power. 

Shine and offer love, truth, and healing for yourself and the people around you. It shows. 

Let your love radiate out of you and illuminate other people. There is freedom in the seeing. There is freedom in the radiance. Yes, people will be uncomfortable; yes, there are times it will still hurt, but we free ourselves from being attacked in the dark spaces and compounding our fear and shame. We free ourselves. We can live in our vulnerable magnificence and stand up against anything that tries to hurt us. 

Now, while I know all of this to be true and believe it in the fullness of my being, I still struggle to lean in wholly every day. I still feel myself revert to old scripts and old behaviours. I have to remind myself to stand tall and trust myself continually. When we have been conditioned and taught from a young age to hide our light, there is a lot of unlearning to do. It is a process and a sacred journey. You are so brave and stronger than you know. Welcome! I want you to know that you are not alone in your journey, and no matter what is happening around you at this precise moment, you can shine without fear. I see you. Shine on. 

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