Creating Space

Remember to create space for yourself this season. You need room to breathe and bloom. 

We are constantly creating our world and our reality around us; we tend to get confused and think that the world is acting upon us, but we, too, are acting upon the world. Every action we make is a choice; When something pushes us down, we choose if we stay down and cry, waiting for someone to help us back up, or we can choose to hold our ground, stand back up with our head held high, and try again. We choose the spaces we fill and the energies we allow to surround us. 

When it comes to social spaces, we often find ourselves in places out of obligation or familiarity without sitting and asking ourselves if the spaces we are filling align with who we are becoming. 

Are the spaces around you moving you toward your goals, dreams, hopes, and aspirations? Or are the spaces surrounding you suffocating you and keeping you locked in old ways of thinking and being? Are the spaces you are filling filled with people who light you up and see the best parts of who you are, or are they filled with people you are constantly trying to impress? Are the spaces you are filling places you feel seen and known or places you feel you are wearing a disguise? 

Set aside time this next week when you can be undisturbed and take time to really sit and reflect on these questions. If you’d like help digging in, you can also watch this guided reflection where I walk you through each question and reflect on ways that you can begin to re-shape your reality one space at a time. 

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