Restoring You 8-week Coaching Container

This is an 8-week commitment! You will be led through the beautiful, messy method of transformation as you work alongside Emily to transform and shape your reality. Once registered, you will gain immediate access to the Signature online course material to go through at your own pace. You will meet with Emily 1x a week for an hour of 1x1 coaching (either via zoom or in person) After each session, you receive a detailed reflection & empowerment email By the end of the eight weeks, you walk away with a personalized mission statement created by you and for you that you can display as a reminder You will gain profound insight and elevated confidence and feel ready to conquer your wildest dreams. You will learn to honor all the beautiful and messy parts of who you are! Sign up today 🙂

Restoring You Online Course

After years of reading self-help books, therapy, and going through my own journey of healing and learning to let things go, I have brought together a simple collection of videos about learning to take back your power, focus on what it yours, and lean in and trust your intuition. After completing this course, you will feel more grounded and clear headed, ready to handle whatever life throws your way.

63 Days To A New You

Everyone deals with mental health struggles - it's part of being human. The problem is, we get stuck in toxic patterns, beliefs, and behaviors, shaming ourselves for not getting better. If you keep doing what you've been doing, you will stay stuck in toxic cycles because the current mental health system is not set up to help you succeed. I empower you to take back the power over your mental health, guide you through a revolutionary 63-day process that will become a lifelong tool and resource, and work with you to break through your toxic patterns so that they are no longer controlling you. Let's give you back the life you truly deserve.