You Deserve to Live a Life Free From Shame & Frustration

You no longer need to be dependent on a therapist or healer to change your life – after just 63-days, you can walk away with a lifelong tool, empowered to face whatever life throws your way, confident that you are able to handle it. Toxicity no longer gets to define you.

How To Get Started

2. Set Up Intake Call

3. Get Materials Mailed To You & download the Neurocycle App

4. Start your 63 day journey!

We get it, dealing with mental health can be overwhelming & scary

That’s why, this simple, scientifically tested, and profound process is designed to be simple, accessible, and always at your fingers tipsĀ 

10, sixty minute session
Virtual or in Person options
(In person for those in Dallas, TX)

Meet other people going through the Neurocycle process and dive deeper into the science, ask questions, and explore the Neurocycle in more depth

1 year free access to the Neurocycle AppĀ 

Learn the scientifically grounded 5 step process, touch base with it daily for 63 days, and transform your life