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Level Up Your Business

The world is changing, and the retail industry is changing alongside it.

Anxiety, uncertainty, and doubt are taking up a lot of mental real estate, and how we show up in the world continues to shift rapidly. Knowing how to move forward confidently and with ease can be overwhelming. This is true for individuals but is especially important for small teams that depend on one another for success.

Working with Emily as a coach can make a huge difference.

Traditionally, coaching has overlooked the retail industry and often dismissed employees within these stores as transient and replaceable, 

but this is beginning to change. 

We are beginning to see how valuable these employees are for success and recognize the importance of empowering our teams.

So, what if you… 

Chose to lean into and affirm the value of your employees 

Worked to support your team members in all their endeavors

Chose to invest in their well-being

Recognized their personal successes are intimately tied to the success of your business


That is what we call a win-win.

Speaking with owners and managers of retail stores in DFW, a common concern brought to my attention is the mental health and well-being of their staff. 

They complain about distrust and lack of motivation from these young men and women in their workplace. Often, personal anxiety and struggles bleed into the day to day business, and these owners and managers aren’t sure how to address their employees’ concerns and help alleviate their fears.

As a personal coach, I am here to help!

I work with you as a team or with individuals who want 1-1 guidance to help

boost morale
increase retention
ease the stress of living in our modern society.

Through training, I help determine each team members strengths and work alongside you all to create a workplace where each person feels valued, seen, and part of something larger than themselves.

If you are interested, please inquire below. Emily will follow up with 24-48 hours.